Kagan Korea provides a number of resources for educators, schools, and businesses in the southeast Asia region.  From professional development training workshops to re-branding and educational consulting, we can help.  It's all about engagement . . . engaging students, engaging staff, engaging clients.  We help you bring it all together!


                PUBLIC - OPEN WORKSHOPS


Public workshops are open to anyone who wants to attend.  Courses are generally offered over weekends and vary in content from ELL and Kindy to Brain Friendly Teaching and Multiple Intelligence's.  All workshops are based on the foundational Kagan Cooperative Learning Course.  Graduate credit is always available for every training offered by Kagan Korea.  After each workshop, participants also receive a certificate documenting training hours attended which is widely accepted as professional development hours toward teacher recertification (CEUs).



Would you like to send your entire staff through training together on your campus or in your office?  Private, closed workshop are offered based on your schedule and what you would like to accomplish.  All the same courses and workshops can take place.  As with public, open workshops, graduate credit is always available for every training offered by Kagan Korea.  After each workshop, participants also receive a certificate documenting training hours attended which is widely accepted as professional development time toward teacher recertification (CEUs).



Kagan Professional Development offers the worlds’ most powerful and engaging professional development opportunities for educators. Each year, Kagan offers workshops, academies, coaching, and courses to thousands of teachers, trainers, and administrators worldwide. What sets Kagan apart from other professional development organizations is Kagan Structures. Kagan Structures are research-based instructional strategies that have a track record of improving academic achievement and social outcomes.


We know the number one key to success in learning is quality instruction. And the number one key to quality instruction is actively engaging students. It's all about engagement! Kagan Professional Development offers world-famous Kagan Structures that boost engagement and learning for all students. Experience first-hand the power of the Kagan approach and leave with practical and proven strategies that you can really use tomorrow!



Kagan's breakthrough approach to classroom coaching enhances the full range of teacher skills. Through working with thousands of teachers, Kagan has developed a revolutionary coaching method that is transforming teaching and boosting student outcomes. Instead of just learning about improving instruction or even receiving feedback out of context after a lesson, with Kagan Coaching, teachers receive specific and immediate feedback as they teach. Kagan Structures have the power to make dramatic strides in engagement, thinking, and learning. Kagan Coaches help teachers implement powerful and proven Kagan Structures to create the maximum benefit for all students.

                  SAM CLUBS

Working in professional learning community groups affords educators with opportunities to learn in collaborative settings. Kagan’s Structure-A-Month (SAM) Clubs provide teachers with support and curriculum ideas to extend learning beyond the workshop setting.  During every SAM Club meeting, one particular Kagan Structure is addressed in-depth to ensure teachers successfully engage students in the classroom.  SAM Clubs better ensure that professional development produces results. Rich dialogue about what has been learned in training enables teachers to successfully transfer research based strategies from the workshop setting to the classroom. SAM Clubs provide the support system teachers need to implement Kagan Structures and boost engagement for all students.



Kagan’s workshops have the reputation for being the most teacher friendly and effective in education.  But, do you know that Kagan offers much more than workshops?  Turn your school around with Kagan’s Comprehensive School and District Reform Programs that ensures results.  Kagan knows how to create successful, lasting change.  Let Kagan create a training and coaching program to make a positive difference for your entire school.

                 TOUR STOPS

Bring a Kagan trainer to your school for a free 1-hour PD workshop on Kagan Cooperative Learning, Brain Friendly Teaching, Kagan Cooperative Learning For Kindy Kids, Cooperative Meetings (For Administrators / Team Leaders), or Kagan Cooperative Learning & ELL.  Hosting a Tour Stop at your school is a great way to introduce your staff to practical classroom tools in a short amount of time.

                Genesis Academy Life Camp


Kagan Korea offers a Learning Lab experience for educators and students called Genesis Academy.  The Genesis Academy Life Camp is meant to be a full English immersion experience while gaining 21st century life skills.  All activities, projects, assignments and engagements promote social skills, collaboration, cognitive thinking, ingenuity, emotional intelligence, creativity and resilience.  Every camp day is tightly planned with group and grade appropriate lessons and learning's to increase English fluency and conversation while using life skills.  Lessons feel more like fun and play rather than learning work.  All camp instructors use cooperative learning structures to engage all students in the lessons, no matter what age, grade, or learning level.  All camp instructors are trained through Kagan Cooperative Learning and incorporate new brain research in learning to teach students the way the brain actually learns. Genesis Academy Life Camp works to engage and teach students in a new way of learning that increases new information retention, active engagement, greater language fluency and full student participation.  Open, public camps are offered during the winter and summer.  Closed, private camps can be offered upon an organization or institution's request.

The "Impact & Implement Program" is an annual membership program designed to offer continuous 1-on-1 support for educators around the Korean peninsula.  Members have the opportunity to meet with a Kagan Coach, have regularly scheduled Coaching calls, take an online 12-month course module, and participate in the member Facebook group.  It's about really digging into what you do and how you do it, keeping the focus on engagement.  It's a tremendously beneficial educational career coaching program. Click below to read more about the program and choose your level of membership.

                DESIGN PLANNING


Kagan Korea offers an array of design planning from classroom layout and finding functional furnishings to school diagrams and decor.  Need your school to have a continuous look and feel, give us a call to set an appointment with our design specialist.  


Processes and procedures are an essential part of every business, no matter what the sector.  Whether you are starting from the ground up or need a total overhaul of outdated procedures, we can help.  Kagan Korea is proud to have business consultants on hand to help you achieve your organizational planning goals.  From logo design and website creation to rebranding and relaunching, no project is too small or too big.  Need some ideas?  Contact us to set an appointment with one of our consultants.