Live Online Workshops

We want you to receive the same experience in our online Kagan training events as you would at any in-person workshop.  While it may not be feasible to have our Kagan workshops in person due to COVID-19, it doesn’t mean we can’t go on.  It just means that Kagan workshops have become virtual.  We have worked hard to insure that online training sessions maintain all of the interaction and energy of our in-person workshops.  With Zoom, we are able to have Trainers interact in real-time with you during your online Kagan workshop.

Zoom allows Kagan Trainers to use powerful collaboration tools like video breakout rooms, multi-sharing, polling, and group chats to involve every participant just like normal.

Because of this, much of the face-to-face interaction and engagement is replicated, no matter where participants may be or what device they may be using. No need to purchase Zoom as it is free for individuals.

About five days prior to the online workshop you register for, you will receive your invitation to the training via Zoom. This email will provide you with your Kagan workshop link and password you need to enter the workshop. 

You don't need to have Zoom downloaded on your device, although it is a better experience.  You can work through Zoom online in your browser as well.  

You will also receive your Kagan  Cooperative Learning Textbook and Workshop Workbook(s) by email as well.  You will want to have these, along with a pen, ready to go when the workshop begins. 


It’s that easy!

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