Have a true impact on your life and the lives in your sphere of influence. Become a member of the Impact & Engage Program to dig in, make an impact and get passionate about engagement! 

Membership Components


Automatic subscription to the Kagan Korea blog

Automatically receive updates and new blog posts as they are added to the Kagan Korea blog.


Access to the I & E community closed Facebook group

The Impact & Engagement program has a dedicated, closed Facebook group.  Members will be granted access to this closed group to stay connected with each other, share victories, chat about questions and get support.


Full scholarship to a specialized, 2-session workshop

Members receive 100% tuition coverage for any 2-session workshop of their choice.  The scholarship benefit does not cover the Course Materials fee or VAT.  Members are responsible to register for their course choice and payment prior to attending the workshop.


12-month course module

          Includes:      12 thirty-minute coaching videos

                           12 curriculum study guides

                           12 PDF maps to implement learning's

                           12 action-step checklists

                            Monthly recommended reading that parallels learning content

                            Certificate of completion

                            Invitation to the annual Kagan Kamp Summit       


Preliminary on-site meeting

The assigned member’s coach will meet them at their school or office to connect face-to-face and see their environment.  The coach will get a clear vision about what the member would like to accomplish, set goals, and lay out an action-plan plan.  This is also a great time for the coach to meet the teacher’s administration or supervisors to better understand the member’s on-site support structure.


Skype calls

Bi-weekly Skype calls (or the video call format of the member’s choice) are a great time to celebrate victories together, chat about what’s working, manage issues, and follow-up on tasked action-plan objectives.  Once a month, the coach will also give and go over the next action-plan step.   


Weekly progress tracking emails

Every week, the member will receive an email from their coach to follow up on progress and provide support.  This is a great way for the member to stay connected and accountable.


Grad Credit Availability

Grad credit is available if so desired for the Standard and Core Membership.  However, members must take and pass a test at the end of the course.

Monthly Module Inclusions

12 Thirty-Minute Coaching Videos

Each coaching video will walk you through the focus objective lesson for the month, allowing you see and learn on a deeper level.

12 Curriculum Study Guides

Along with each video, you will receive a study guide to help you fully implement each module lesson.  These make great reference guides!

Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is available upon completion of the course and passing of a final exam.  Grad credit is through University of San Diego.*

Kagan Kamp Summit Invitation

Members are invited to attend the annual spring Kagan Kamp Sumit at the Kagan Korea office in Gwanju-si, Gyeonggido.

12 PDF Maps For Implementation

Every month, you will receive an implementation map to keep you on track.  Think of it as a "Cheat Sheet" to hands-on application.

12 Action-step Checklists

Each checklist for every lesson lists the steps and items to accomplish when applying the module learning's.  You won't miss a beat!

Reading Recommendations

For each module, you will get a reading recommendation to assist you in your monthly learning and implementation. 

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the full Impact & Engage program, you will receive a certificate of achievement with the hours invested in learning.

Monthly Module Syllubus


1.  Engagement 

Let’s define “engagement”.  What it is.  What it isn’t.  What it looks like for you.  How to get it.


2. Brain Research & Teaching

The amount of brain research and evidence in learning is monumental.  We look at taking how the brain actually processes, learns and retains new information and apply it to teaching in the classroom.


3.  Social Skills

Social skills are the most underdeveloped area yet, the most crucial area of student's lives that will make an impact on their future.  We look at how they should be embedded in every lesson and practiced throughout the day.

4.  Structures 

To get engagement, we must structure for it.  Structures are mini-procedures for active engagement.   You must use them to create the environment to engage.    

5. Lesson Planning

Take lesson planning to the next level.  Learn how to make it easier, quicker and with less prep yet still cover your content and insure learning occurs.

6.  Teams

Why are teams important?  We look at using your students in their teams to assist in learning the content and retain it through repetition and guided practice. Remember, they can teach each other more than you can teach them.

7.  TeamBuilding 

You’ve got them in teams, now you need them to work together.  We focus on getting your teams to gel and start being accountable to each other.

8.  ClassBuilding

ClassBuilding is the larger view of TeamBuilding.  You want your class to gel as much as your teams do because they all will work together eventually. 

9.  Management

Management covers two areas:  your classroom & your parents.  There are always difficult clients.  What can you do to minimize the interference and disruptions?  We look at simple, yet crucial, management keys to making it all work.

10.  PIES 

You have to know that what you are doing is the right way to do it.  PIES gives you a simple framework to go by as you are checking your own work and teaching methods. 

11.  ELL

In South Korea, ELL is a part of every classroom.  No matter what subject, grade or level, you have to know some specific structures, TeamBuilding and management keys to make your specific ELL needs are being met. 

12.  Silly Sports &
       Goofy Games

Glucose and oxygen are crucial to student learning.  From getting them up and moving for only a minute to getting them to work together as a team to get the juice flowing again. 

Starter Membership: 


Standard Membership: 

99,000 / mo

or 1 Payment of 998,000

Kore Membership: 

199,000 / mo

or 1 Payment of 1,998,000

Limited to 12 participants in any one month

Access to the I & E community Facebook group

Automatic subscription to the Kagan Korea blog

12 Month course module

Access to the I & E community Facebook group

Automatic subscription to the Kagan Korea blog

12 Month course module

1 tuition scholarship to a specialized, 2-session Kagan Korea workshop

12-month course module

4 Grad credits available*

Access to the I & E community Facebook group

Automatic subscription to the Kagan Korea blog

12 Month course module

1 tuition scholarship to a specialized, 2-session Kagan Korea workshop

12-month course module

 4 Grad credits available*

 1 Preliminary on-site meeting

 2 Skype calls per month

 Weekly progress tracking emails

Upon completion of the 12-month module and Kore program, participants can receive the Kagan Ambassador designation for Korea.

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