Grad Credit & CEUs

Graduate credit may be available for workshops offered by Kagan Korea.  After each workshop, participants receive a certificate documenting attended training hours which is widely accepted as continuing education units and professional development for teacher recertification.  Even though Kagan Professional Development is widely accepted, Kagan Korea does not guarantee acceptance.  Acceptance is based on your submission and your district's requirements.   

Please notes that grad credit is offered in addition to the actual workshop training sessions as a benefit for attending.  The University of San Diego does not offer the course itself and is only responsible for issuing the graduate credit to the participant after attending the course in Korea.  Please contact Kagan Korea prior to registering with the University of San Diego.  Enrollment for grad credit will not be available after the workshop is complete.

Graduate Credit Issued By:          University Of San Diego

Graduate Credit Calculation:       One (1) credit for a 2-Session Course 

                                              Three (3) credits for the full Kagan Cooperative Learning or

                                              Multiple Intelligences Courses consisting of 5-Sessions

Graduate Credit Fee:                 $75.00 Per Credit, Payable directly to the university

                                                                                                   (Kagan Korea does not receive any portion of the fees collected by the university or incentives.                                                                                                          Grad Credit is soley offered for the benefit of the educators attending Kagan Korea courses.)


Graduate Credit Requirements:

    1. Attend all five (5) Sessions of the Kagan Cooperative Learning Series presented by            Kagan Korea

    2. Complete and submit a 500 word (or more) essay reflecting on the course and                implementation into your classroom or school.  


Graduate Credit Process:

Prior to the start date of the Kagan course, register with the University of San Diego by following their respective directives required to receive credit.  Registration form, proof of undergraduate degree and payment are to be handled soley by the university.  Only the essay assignment is to be sent to the appointed Kagan Korea Graduate Credit Coordinator for review.


Graduate Credit Inquiries:

  Inquiries are directed to two different sources depending on the inquiry. 

    1. Course Inquiries

    Course inquiries should be directed to Kagan Korea.This would include course dates,           course registration, course tuition, and course location information.

    2. Grad Credit Inquiries

    Any inquiries relating to the actual credit, receipt of materials and transcripts should be         directed to the University of San Diego.


Graduate Credit Contacts:

  1. Kagan Korea Graduate Credit Coordinator:

    Kimberly Bowman  

    (765) 388-9536 (USA Number)

  1. University of San Diego

    Click To View The University of San Diego Student Services Webpage 

    (619) 260-4585 (USA Number)