A Letter From The CEO

Welcome to the world of Kagan Professional Development! For over 20 years now, Kagan has been offering workshops globally to help teachers help students achieve more success.  We are part of an international team of organizations located in Singapore, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Italy, and now South Korea—only to name a few—bringing Kagan professional development to educators around the world.  Kagan is the pre-eminent professional development organization for cooperative learning and active engagement. Central to all Kagan trainings are Kagan Structures: research-based instructional strategies designed to promote greater cooperation and active engagement in the classroom.  As teachers use these simple structures, students have fun and turn on to learning.  The Kagan approach creates a safe and supportive learning community, most conducive to academic success and social development. The feedback we have received from attendees at our workshops and conferences has been tremendous! It brings me joy to hear how Kagan Structures are already transforming classrooms in South Korea. It is reaffirming to hear the school success stories and positive achievement data pouring in. Some of the things I have heard about our programs and courses are. . .


                     • They’re so easy to learn and use

                     • My students love Kagan Structures

                     • Our school’s test scores have skyrocketed

                     • I don’t have to prep as much

                     • I can see the impact it has on my students’ self-esteem

                     • My students are more cooperative and respectful

                     • I now have tools to strengthen my students’ multiple intelligences

                     • Unnecessary grading of papers is eliminated

                     • Discipline problems have declined in our school

                     • They are so wonderful for developing thinking skills

                     • I can use them across the curriculum

                     • They work great for my grade level


Increasingly, schools are making multi-year commitments to train all of their teachers in the Kagan Structures. In addition to our professional development courses, Kagan coaches work in schools with teachers in their own classrooms.  It is one thing to learn powerful ideas in a workshop, but it’s quite another to have a coach in the classroom to help teachers make the greatest impact.  The tremendous demand for Kagan training and coaching is keeping us very busy, but this is a labor of love. We’d love to work with your school to empower your team to make learning more engaging and successful. Browse our service catalog, examine the options, hear from other educators who have chosen Kagan and witness the success they’ve experienced.  We offer Kagan training, Kagan Coaching, school implementation plans, on-site support, business and opertions consulting, re-brand launches, and design planning for businesses and schools.  We look forward to working with you!


Your partners in making a difference,

Kimberly Bowman

CEO, Kagan Korea & Team

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